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Up to 800% site speed increase in 1 minute, + 2 minute WP security


What’s your procedure for setting up a WordPress site?… Install WordPress… load up some plugins… tweak a few things… create content… presto?

Some ‘fun’ facts for you:

Most new WP webmasters get booted or upgraded by their hosts the minute they hit any big traffic or if their sites cause regular problems…

Over 500,000 WP sites were hacked in 2014.

Less than 30% of webmasters apply any useful security…

Record number of WP sites fell over during product launches in 2014

Ask yourself a question: if you could avoid all these issues with 15 minutes of site prep – would you make more money long term?

Bottom line is… if you’re a WP webmaster, you’re going to get constantly hacked, experience site crashes, get rogue traffic spikes & have site speed issues.

The question is…how you are going to deal with these issues & how much time are you going to waste trying?

> Download WP WebAudit

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